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Pompa e intelletto
Forms of Organizing and Staging Botanical Knowledge in the Late Medici Period

Formen der Ordnung und Inszenierung botanischen Wissens im späten Großherzogtum der Medici

Series: Phoenix, 3

By examining the collecting interests and protective practices of Cosimo III de’ Medici, the study reveals the close ties between the arts and natural sciences in the early modern period. A number of previously unpublished sources of images and texts reveal a panorama of botanical splendor and scholarship during the era of the "last Medici" and examine the achievements and boundaries of grand-ducal patronage.

  • Die botanischen Gärten der späten Medici

  • Zahlreiche Illustrationen


"Schmiedel sums up the history of the two botanical gardens on Medici territory: Pisa and Florence, both academic institutions. [...] her book on the relation of artistic and scientific approaches to and presentations of botany deals with and makes available interesting material. Pompa e intelletto invites further research on botanical networks and the scientific community in the eighteenth century."
Iris Lauterbach in: ISIS—Volume 108, Number 4, December 2017: 904-905
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Audience: Art historians, historians, historians of science