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Gegen den Stand der Dinge
Challenging the Status of Things: Objects in Museums and Exhibitions

Objekte in Museen und Ausstellungen

Edited by: Martina Griesser, Christine Haupt-Stummer, Renate Höllwart, Beatrice Jaschke, Monika Sommer, Nora Sternfeld and Luisa Ziaja

New Perspectives on Museums and Objects

Challenging the Status of Things reflects on the current shift in how museums relate to material culture. Contemporary notions in material culture studies, sociology, and art theory ascribe critical power to objects. The interdisciplinary essays examine new approaches to the conditions of production, commemorative practices, and materiality of objects in museums and exhibitions.

  • Surveys current discourses on the power of objects in exhibition practice
  • Interlaces art theory, materials sciences, and cultural studies
  • Offers insights into experimental practice in text and images
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Audience: Museum scholars, curators, scholars of art and culture, exhibition architects, art restorers