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Volume 1 Re-Humanizing Architecture

New Forms of Community, 1950-1970

Edited by: Ákos Moravánszky and Judith Hopfengärtner

Europe’s architectural trends 1950 -1970

After the Second World War, a divided Europe was much affected by a period of reconstruction. This was influenced by the different political systems – in the socialist East and in the capitalist West, the focus was on cohesion in society and its cultural and architectural expression. In parallel to the rapidly progressing industrialization of the building industry, debates on the humanization of the built environment were led on both sides with great intensity. The volume shows how, on the back of existentialism, new monumentality, and socialist realism, quite similar concepts and strategies were developed in order to find answers to questions relating to adequate structures for new forms of community and identity.

  • Architectural parallels between different political systems in Europe
  • People, rules, buildings, theories – a synopsis in a new dimension
  • Contributions by numerous international experts

Author Information

Ákos Moravánszky, Judith Hopfengärtner, ETH Zürich

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