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Volume 3 Re-Framing Identities

Architecture's Turn to History, 1970-1990

Edited by: Ákos Moravánszky and Torsten Lange

Europe’s architectural trends 1970-1990

From 1970–1990, architecture experienced a revision as part of the post-modern movement. The critical attitude to the functionalistic Moderne style and the influence of semiotics and philosophical trends, such as phenomenology, on architectural theory led to an increased interest in its history, expression, perception, and context. In addition, architectural heritage and the care of architectural monuments gained importance.

This development also increasingly challenged the ideologically based division between East and West. Instead of emphasizing the differences, the search was for a joint cultural heritage. The contributions in this volume question terms such as "Moderne" and "post-modern", and show how architecture could again represent local, regional, and national identity.

  • Architectural parallels between different political systems in Europe
  • People, buildings, theories, rules – a synopsis with a new dimension
  • Contributions by numerous international experts

Author Information

Ákos Moravánszky, Torsten Lange, ETH Zürich

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Audience: Architects, architectural historians, art historians, students