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Challenging Solitude and the Improbability of Communication

Art as a dynamic communication medium

Never to be able to see through the eyes of another, never to feel what another one feels, since every emotion that we can create necessarily remains our very own – this dilemma is the starting point of Wagner’s explorations and is examined throughout Poietry. In desperate need of connection to transcend our fundamental solitude our disposition is standing in the way of this endeavour, rendering its success indeed improbable. By appropriating different theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches, Wagner’s work investigates how art as a medium may qualify to challenge the improbability of connection through communication. It scratches at the boundaries that constitute our walls, even if they can’t be brought to fall and with these experimental explorations proposes a different way of thinking through the possibilities and impossibilities of connecting.

  • New scientific presentation of the limits of human empathy and of the potential of art
  • Interdisciplinary and artistic approaches in theory and practice

Author Information

Sophie-Carolin Wagner studied Economics and Digital Art, she lives and works in Vienna.

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Audience: Scholars and students in the areas of communications theory, empathy research and the practice of art