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Multiple Perspectives on Language Play

Edited by: Nancy Bell
Interest in language play and linguistic creativity has increased in recent years, and the topic has been taken up from a variety of perspectives. In this book, disparate approaches to the topic are brought together, demonstrating that a number of phenomena whose similarities might not have been immediately recognized, have an academic home under the umbrella of language play and linguistic creativity. The contributions to this collection illustrate the variety of questions that can be asked regarding the social, cognitive, emotional, political, and cultural mechanisms and significance of innovative linguistic practices and point to new directions of inquiry. Furthermore, the work exemplifies a variety of ways in which this research can be carried out, as well as the range of contexts in which it might be investigated, including second language classrooms, online settings, and workplaces. Taken together, the chapters serve to illustrate the range of work that we will be accepting in the Language Play and Creativity series; viewed individually, each makes a unique contribution to some aspect of our understanding of creative language use.

Author Information

Nancy Bell, Washington State University, USA.


"The volume Multiple Perspectives on Language Play is an invaluable asset for researchers and students who are interested in linguistic playfulness, humour, and creativity. All fourteen contributions successfully manage to provide the reader with a multi- and interdisciplinary scope on the phenomena examined [...] Overall, this edited volume is a significant contribution to the relevant literature and highly recommended."
Rania Karachaliou in: European Journal of Humour Research 6/4 (2018), 151-154

"This particular book is definitely an inspiration for further research and hence highly recommended to researchers interested in the wide area of language play, linguistic creativity, and humor, especially if they work in pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, and L2 learning and teaching."
Villy Tsakona in: LINGUIST List 29.3359 (08.12.2017), https://linguistlist.org/issues/29/29-3359.html

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Audience: Scholars and Graduate Students in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, and Humor Studies.