Test Cover Image of:  Aus den Ruinen der alten erschaffen wir die neue Welt!

Aus den Ruinen der alten erschaffen wir die neue Welt!
Building a New World upon the Ruins of the Old: Patterns of Governance and Loyalty in Kosovo (1944–1974)

Herrschaftspraxis und Loyalitäten in Kosovo (1944–1974)

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Until this book was published, Kosovo remained a blank space in research on Socialist Yugoslavia, a surprising fact given that the largely Albanian province had been such a critical factor in both its stability and ultimate demise. Based on new sources, the author investigates the ways that Yugoslav rule stabilized Kosovo despite the violent nature of its incorporation in 1945, and also shows the ongoing conflicts it created.


"This innovative book [...] provides an in-depth understanding of the workings of Yugoslav nationality policy, and some of the root causes leading up to Yugoslavia’s dissolution and the escalating conflict of the 1990s."In: Südosteuropäische Arbeiten 155 (2018) "Im Ergebnis ist der Autorin eine hervorragende Arbeit gelungen, von der ich mir wünsche, dass sie sowohl in Serbien wie in Kosovo zur Kenntnis genommen wird."Michael Schmidt-Neke in: Jahrbücher fur Geschichte Osteuropas 65 (2017), H. 3, 515-516 "Along with a strong methodological and theoretical basis around the concepts of governance (Herrschaftspraxis) and loyalty, the final result is a rich work which presents much-needed factual information and thoughtful analysis of some controversial episodes in Yugoslav rule over Kosovo that continue to shape contemporary spaces of experience in political and social debates. As such, the book will be of interest to students of the modern history of Yugoslavia and Kosovo and the contemporary political situation in Kosovo."Pieter Troch in: The Slavonic and East European Review (SEER ) 95/4 (2017), 785-787
Audience: Academic institutions and researchers specializing in Southeast European history