Test Cover Image of:  Chruschtschows Westpolitik 1955 bis 1964

Band 4 Außenpolitik nach der Kuba-Krise (Dezember 1962 bis Oktober 1964)
Foreign Policy after the Cuban Missile Crisis (December 1962 to October 1964)

Edited by: Gerhard Wettig
An IFZ Publication
After the Cuban Missile Crisis, Khrushchev exercised more prudence and adopted a long-term perspective on furthering his goal of expelling the Western powers from Berlin and rendering a major defeat to NATO. Adenauer’s retirement left him hoping for a change of course in West German policy. Neither goal was truly based in reality. Overall, Khrushchev’s over-ambitious Western policy remained unsuccessful, despite his efforts.
The fourth and final volume of Soviet documents on Khrushchev’s Western policy
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Audience: Historians, contemporary historians, researchers on East Germany