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Performativität in Sprache und Recht
Performativity in Language and Law

Edited by: Lars Bülow, Jochen Bung, Rüdiger Harnisch and Rainer Wernsmann
This compendium offers access to readers interested in the humanities and in social, cultural, and legal studies to a broad and multifaceted exploration of linguistic practices in the legal sciences. A range of scholars from the fields of linguistics and the legal sciences focus on specific performative aspects of the connections between language and the law.

Author Information

Lars Bülow, Jochen Bung, Rüdiger Harnisch and Rainer Wernsmann, University of Passau, Germany.


"With some cautions, it can be recommended to advanced postgraduate students and scholars in the areas of both legal studies and applied linguistics. [...] the first part of the book features strong theoretical discussions of performativity in legal theory and the second part gives insight into various practical applications. To linguists, they are of special interest because they examine the topic not from sociolinguistics or law translation studies, but from – in this field – less established perspectives such as discourse studies. Readers from legal studies might appreciate the ‘performative turn’ (p. 3) offering multiple stimuli to rethink the role of language in law."Jana Tereick in: Discourse Studies 19(5), pp. 600-602
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Audience: Linguists, philosophers, legal scholars