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Interfaces of Sound and Narrative

Edited by: Jarmila Mildorf and Till Kinzel
Audionarratology is a new 'postclassical' narratology that explores interfaces of sound, voice, music and narrative in different media and across disciplinary boundaries. Drawing on sound studies and transmedial narratology, audionarratology combines concepts from both while also offering fresh insights. Sound studies investigate sound in its various manifestations from disciplinary angles as varied as anthropology, history, sociology, acoustics, articulatory phonetics, musicology or sound psychology. Still, a specifically narrative focus is often missing. Narratology has broadened its scope to look at narratives from transdisciplinary and transmedial perspectives. However, there is a bias towards visual or audio-visual media such as comics and graphic novels, film, TV, hyperfiction and pictorial art. The aim of this book is to foreground the oral and aural sides of storytelling, asking how sound, voice and music support narrative structure or even assume narrative functions in their own right. It brings together cutting-edge research on forms of sound narration hitherto neglected in narratology: radio plays, audiobooks, audio guides, mobile phone theatre, performance poetry, concept albums, digital stories, computer games, songs.

Author Information

Jarmila Mildorf, Universität Paderborn, Germany; Till Kinzel, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.


"[...] engagingly written volume [...]"Rolf J. Goebel in: Monatshefte, Vol. 110, No. 2, 2018, 262-264
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Audience: Scholars interested in Narratology, Literary and Cultural Studies, Sound Studies, Musicology, Media Studies and Linguistics.