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Die akademische "Achse Berlin-Rom"?
The Academic Berlin-Rome Axis: Scientific and Cultural Exchange between Italy and Germany, 1920 to 1945

Der wissenschaftlich-kulturelle Austausch zwischen Italien und Deutschland 1920 bis 1945

Edited by: Andrea Albrecht, Lutz Danneberg and Simone De Angelis

The Berlin-Rome Axis was more than a purely military project. In science and art as well, there were intensive if sometimes troubled cooperation. Many German Jews who had found refuge in Italy participated in this academic “axis” before their forced expulsion from Italy. In this volume, renowned experts analyze these networks of exchange. One message is clear: historians still have much to learn.

  • Reveals new aspects of German-Italian relations during the fascist period

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A. Albrecht, Univ. Stuttgart, Germany; L. Danneberg, Humboldt-Univ. Berlin, Germany; S. De Angelis, Univ. Graz, Austria.
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Audience: Historians (contemporary history, law, science, art), Academics (literary studies, cultural studies)