Test Cover Image of:  Magnus/Mankowski, European Commentaries on Private International Law

Volume 1 Brussels Ibis Regulation - Commentary

Edited by: Ulrich Magnus and Peter Mankowski
Compiled by: Alfonso-Luis Calvo Caravaca, Javier Carrascosa González, Gilles Cuniberti, Carlos Esplugues Mota, Richard G. Fentiman, Stéphanie Francq, Helmut Heiss, Xandra Kramer, Luís Pietro Rocha de Lima Pinheiro, Ulrich Magnus, Peter Mankowski, Horatia Muir Watt, Peter Arnt Nielsen, Guillermo Palao Moreno, Marta Pertegás Sender, Illaria Queirolo, Pippa Rogerson, Isabelle Rueda, Patrick Wautelet, and Paul Vlas

The Brussels Ibis Regulation is to become by far the most prominent cornerstone of the European law of international civil procedure. Its imminence can be easily ascertained by every practitioner even remotely concerned with cross-border work in Europe. However arcane private international law in general might appear to practitioners – the Brussels I Regulation was a well-known and renowned instrument and the Brussels Ibis Regulation will become so as its proper heir. The so called Brussels system has proven its immeasurable and incomparable value for over forty years. The European Court of Justice and the national courts of the Member States have produced an abundance and a treasure of judgments interpreting the Brussels Convention and the Brussels I Regulation. The effort of completing a truly pan-European commentary mirrors the pan-European nature of its fascinating object. This commentary – which of course covers the jurisprudence of the ECJ in a comprehensive manner – assembles a team of very prominent and renowned authors from total Europe. The authors’ geographical provenience stretches from Denmark in the North to Italy in the South and from Portugal and the United Kingdom in the West to Austria in the East. Now the time is ripe to start such an enterprise.

This commentary is the first full scale article-by-article commentary in English to address the Brussels Ibis Regulation. It is truly European in nature and style. It provides thorough and succinct in-depth analysis of every single Article and offers most valuable guidance for lawyers, judges and academics throughout Europe. It is an indispensable working tool for all practitioners involved in this field of law.

Audience: Practitioners, Scholars, Institutes, Libraries