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Commentarii in evangelia
Commentaries on the Gospels

Edited by: Lukas J. Dorfbauer

This volume contains the first edition of the commentaries on the gospels by Bishop Fortunatianus of Aquileia (mid-4th century). This work, which was only discovered in the form of an almost complete manuscript in 2012, is the oldest preserved commentary on the gospels from Latin antiquity, and therefore of extraordinary significance for patristics. The critical edition of the text includes a detailed introduction.

Author Information

Lukas J. Dorfbauer, University of Salzburg - CSEL, Salzburg/Vienna, Austria.


"This book has much to offer. For Latin exegesis, it provides us a crucial new text to be read between Victorinus of Poetovium and Hilary of Poitiers. For the text of the Bible, it offers us a new witness to the vetus Latina. For the history of Latin literature, it offers us a new window into the literary world in the Roman Empire of the sons of Constantine. For linguistics, it offers us a wealth of non-standard grammatic features. For textual criticism, it offers us a fine and thought-provoking specimen of an editio princeps. Between all these areas, one may hope that this book finds readers."
Justin Stover in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2018.08.35

"[...] an outstanding piece of scholarship."
Ivor J. Davidson in: The Journal of Theological Studies 69/2 (2018), 830-833

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