Test Cover Image of:  Collatio Carthaginensis anni 411

Collatio Carthaginensis anni 411

Gesta collationis Carthaginensis Augustinus, Breviculus collationis Augustinus, Ad Donatistas post collationem

Edited by: Clemens Weidmann

More than 500 bishops were invited to attend a trial in Carthage in 411 that terminated the 100-year-old Donatist schism. The extensive records of the trial, which are largely preserved, provide valuable insight into church history. They are presented here in a critical edition, together with two texts by Augustine that summarize the events of the trial.

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Clemens Weidmann, CSEL - University of Salzburg, Vienna, Austria.
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Audience: Forschende der Fachgebiete Klassische Philologie, Patristik, Römisches Recht, Kirchengeschichte, Antikes Buchwesen