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Kants Theorie der Biologie
Kant's theory of biology. A commentary. A reading. A historical classification

Ein Kommentar. Eine Lesart. Eine historische Einordnung

The author of “Kant's theory of biology” analyzes the development of the theory of organized beings in Kant’s writings and provides a commentary on the “Second introduction” and §§61–91 of the “Critique of the power of judgment” in part 1 of the book. In part 2, she introduces a new systematic reading of Kant’s theory of biology, and determines the place of this theory in early modern discourses of the life sciences and natural history in part 3.

Author Information

Ina Goy, University of Tübingen, Germany.


„Kants Theorie der Biologie (KTB) is a landmark text, providing the first systematic account of Kant’s extensive reflections on organized beings. It is comprehensive in scope, displaying a remarkable attention to textual detail while maintaining a systematic view of the critical project."
Andrew Cooper in: British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 2017, www.tandfonline.com

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