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Fractional Order Crowd Dynamics

Cyber-Human System Modeling and Control

This book illustrates the application of fractional calculus in crowd dynamics via modeling and control groups of pedestrians. Decision-making processes, conservation laws of mass/momentum, and micro-macro models are employed to describe system dynamics while cooperative movements in micro scale, and fractional diffusion in macro scale are studied to control the group of pedestrians. Obtained work is included in the Intelligent Evacuation Systems that is used for modeling and to control crowds of pedestrians. With practical issues considered, this book is of interests to mathematicians, physicists, and engineers.

  • Describes the use of fractional calculus in the modeling and control of crowd dynamics.
  • Modeling, simulation and control methods explored at micro-, meso- and macroscales.
  • Individuals with disabilities are considered in the framework.

Author Information

Kecai Cao, Nanjing U. of Posts and Telecommunications, China; YangQuan Chen, U. of California, Merced, USA.

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Audience: Applied mathematicians, statistical physicists, computer scientists, and engineers.