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Ars – Visus – Affectus
Ars, Visus, Affectus: Visual Cultures of the Affective in the Early Modern Era

Visuelle Kulturen des Affektiven in der Frühen Neuzeit

Edited by: Anna Pawlak, Lars Zieke,  and Isabella Augart

The discourses that shaped knowledge of affects in premodern times included the philosophers’ doctrine of the soul, Christian theology, together with various conceptualizations and theories drawn from medicine, rhetoric, and poetry. Against this backdrop, the study analyzes visualizations of the affective world in early modern visual arts as aesthetic and historical constructions, as well as the "visual cultures of the affective."

  • Affekte in Frühneuzeitlicher Malerei, Skulptur und Literatur

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Audience: Art and cultural scholars, historians