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Sensualization: Kant’s Transcendental Schematism and Its Later Revisions

Kants transzendentaler Schematismus und seine Revision in der Nachfolge

While Kant understands the schema as a precondition for generating meaning yet as something distinct from images, figures, and symbols, Maimon, Hamann, Herder, Hegel, and Plessner ascribe sensuous and linguistic morphogenetic properties to schematism. From these revisions of Kant’s philosophy emerges a new theory of schematism in which rendering perceptible to the senses is the transcendental precondition for embodiment.

  • Presents an updated view of Kant’s schematism
  • Describes sensualization as the transcendental condition for embodiment and the systematic core of a new transcendental aesthetics


"[...] the work of Lidia focuses on one of the most controversial topic in the critical contemporary literature on the Kantian works. It provides an original interpretation of Schematism as Versinnlichung not only by inquiring the text but also by referring to its influence on later thinkers. [...] the researches of Lidia Gasperoni demonstrates once again how the philosophy of Kant can still provide seeds to the flourishing of the inquiry on the understanding of the complexity of the grounds of cognition and experience."
Lara Scaglia in: Con-Textos Kantanios. International Journal of Philosophy N.o 5, Junio 2017, pp. 457-459
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Audience: Philosophers, scholars in visual studies