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Handbook of Art and Global Migration

Theories, Practices, and Challenges

Edited by: Burcu Dogramaci and Birgit Mersmann

How can we think of art history as a discipline that moves process-based, performative, and cultural migratory movement to the center of its theoretical and methodical analyses?

With contributions from internationally renowned experts, this manual, for the first time, provides answers as to what consequences the interaction of migration and globalization has on research in the field of the science of art, on curatory practice, and on artistic production and theory. The objective of this multi-vocal anthology is to open up an interdisciplinary discourse surrounding the increased focus on the phenomenon of migration in art history.

Author Information

Burcu Dogramaci, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Munich; Birgit Mersmann, University of Basel.

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Audience: Academics (Art history, history, migration studies, cultural studies)