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Object Fantasies

Experience & Creation

Edited by: Philippe Cordez, Romana Kaske, Julia Saviello, and Susanne Thürigen

In the modern lexicon, ‘object’ refers to an entity that is materially constituted, spatially defined, and functionally determined. In contrast, the Latin word ‘fantasia’ has, since antiquity, referred to an apparition or the ability to imagine something that could be equally an object, an image, or a concept. This tension prompts further inquiry into the interrelations and differences between the experience of tangible objects (their perception and handling) and the creation of new objects (their conception and formation). What correlations exist between object fantasies, the self-consciousness of subjects, and the concrete and imagined conditions of human beings’ social lives? By addressing this question, this interdisciplinary book opens new perspectives in the field of object studies.

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Philippe Cordez, Romana Kaske, Julia Saviello and Susanne Thürigen, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich.

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Audience: Scholars of art history, cultural and media studies, history