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Hanakam & Schuller


Edited by: Angela Stief

Video Text Object – the collected works

Hanakam & Schuller are tricksters. As artists and researchers, they remodel the rules of fine art, creating idiosyncratic orders and new world designs incorporated in videos and objects. The artefacts of the two artists from Vienna are "Gestalt-changers"; they change their outer shape and re-appear in a number of different contexts.

The trickster art book illustrates the oeuvre and provides an insight into its making using multi-page photo spreads from video stills, and production photographs. The Arkadikon essay captures readers and leads them to contemporary hypothetical landscapes, deconstructing them as modern surrogates of an increasingly virtual world.

The artists discuss ideal, pop, aura and abduction with Angela Stief, Anselm Franke, Uta Grosenick, Annette Hünnekens, Wolfgang Ullrich, Lois Weinberger, Stephanie Weber und Oliver Zybok.

The first comprehensive publication on the two Viennese artists Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller

The artistic and research oeuvre, new objects and video work

The artists in conversation with Uta Grosenick, Lois Weinberger, and others

Author Information

Angela Stief, curator, Vienna

Markus Hanakam & Roswitha Schuller, artists, Vienna, Austria

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