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Migrating Histories of Art

Self-Translations of a Discipline

Edited by: Maria Teresa Costa and Hans Christian Hönes

Art historians have been facing the challenge – even from before the advent of globalization – of writing for an international audience and translating their own work into a foreign language – whether forced by exile, voluntary migration, or simply in order to reach wider audiences.

Migrating Histories of Art aims to study the biographical and academic impact of these self-translations, and how the adoption and processing of foreign-language texts and their corresponding methodologies have been fundamental to the disciplinary discourse of art history. While often creating distinctly "multifaceted" personal biographies and establishing an international disciplinary discourse, self-translation also fosters the creation of instances of linguistic and methodological hegemony.

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Maria Teresa Costa, Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florenz; Hans Christian Hönes, Warburg Institute, London.
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Audience: Academics (History of Art and Science, Migration Research)