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Stochastically Forced Compressible Fluid Flows

This book contains a first systematic study of compressible fluid flows subject to stochastic forcing. The bulk is the existence of dissipative martingale solutions to the stochastic compressible Navier-Stokes equations. These solutions are weak in the probabilistic sense as well as in the analytical sense. Moreover, the evolution of the energy can be controlled in terms of the initial energy. We analyze the behavior of solutions in short-time (where unique smooth solutions exists) as well as in the long term (existence of stationary solutions). Finally, we investigate the asymptotics with respect to several parameters of the model based on the energy inequality.

Part I: Preliminary results
Elements of functional analysis
Elements of stochastic analysis

Part II: Existence theory
Modeling fluid motion subject to random effects
Global existence
Local well-posedness
Relative energy inequality and weak–strong uniqueness

Part III: Applications
Stationary solutions
Singular limits

Author Information

D. Breit, Heriot-Watt University, UK; E. Feireisl, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic; M. Hofmanová, TU Berlin, Germany.


"This book is very well written and rigorously presented, and constitutes a significant contribution to the field. It is very well motivated by various interesting and important applications in fluid mechanics and related areas. The book is recommended to all researchers interested by the modern theory of compressible fluid flows."
Mirela Kohr in: Mathematical Reviews Clippings April 2019 MR3791804

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Audience: Researchers and graduate students in mathematics and physics.