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Theory, Modelling, Devices

Starting from quantum mechanical and condensed matter foundations, this book introduces into the necessary theory behind spin electronics (Spintronics). Equations of spin diffusion, -evolution and -tunelling are provided before an overview is given of simulation of spin transport at the atomic scale. Furthermore, applications are discussed with a focus on elementary spintronics devices such as spin valves, memory cells and hard disk heads.

  • Concise introduction to the underlying quantum mechanics.
  • Covers numerical tools for simulating spin transport and building blocks of spintronic devices.
  • Makes spintronics approachable with only basics in condensed matter physics.

Author Information

Tomasz Błachowicz, Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland;
Andrea Erdmann, FH Bielefeld, Germany.

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Audience: Master and PhD students, professionals and researchers in Physics, Materials Science, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering.