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Go Go Go Old Gold Reiter Go: Roland Reiter, Sculptures, Installations

Edited by: Roland Reiter
First monograph on Roland Reiter
The publication provides a comprehensive overview of the work produced by the Austrian sculptor Roland Reiter between 2001 and 2016. Reiter’s approach to his work is largely based on his personal encounters. The artist uses the experiences made on his journey through life by sublimating, or enlarging and dramatizing the events. His art is not a cool abstraction; instead, one of its characteristics is that it captures the emotional, "expressive" moment. It combines materials that do not fit together in a traditional sense but nevertheless supplement each other in terms of contemporary art practice. He uses this dichotomy to create a tension that seems to satisfy a particular kind of voyeurism. One could, paradoxically, make these two statements: "Even though I am intrigued, I turn away", or "I turn towards it even though I feel put off and alienated".
First monograph on Roland Reiter’s work in an exceptionally well presented format With text contributions by Franz Schuh, Andreas Spiegl, Teresa Präauer and Manfred Schuh

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Roland Reiter. University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria. Numerous exhibitions.

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Audience: Scholars and laypersons interested in contemporary art, museums, galleries