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Understanding Metalepsis

The Hermeneutics of Narrative Transgression

Understanding Metalepsis provides a state-of-the-art overview of the narratological concept of metalepsis and develops new ways of investigating the forms and functions of metaleptic narratives. Informed by a hermeneutic perspective, this study offers not only an account of the complexities that characterize the process of understanding metaleptic phenomena, but also metatheoretical insights into the hermeneutics of narratology.


"[...] insightful study [...] Understanding Metalepsis lends a new dimension to the study of a complex concept pertinent to narratological and philosophical discussions. Hanebeck’s monograph brings to consciousness that metalepsis is a hermeneutic process that in turn sheds light on hermeneutics. [...] This valuable contribution to the flourishing body of scholarship on metalepsis thus opens up avenues for future research and holds interest for all those interested in narrative theory and in the phenomenon of reading and interpretation."
Alexandra Effe in: DIEGESIS 6.2 (2017), 203-206
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Audience: Scholars of literary studies and narratology