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International Handbook on Shareholders´ Agreements

Regulation, Practice and Comparative Analysis

Edited by: Sebastian Mock, Kristian Csach and Bohumil Havel
Shareholders´ Agreements have a growing influence on the general understanding of corporate law since they bind not only the shareholders but also affect the constitution of the corporation and can have a severe impact on capital markets. Therefore, Shareholders´ Agreements are more and more subject to regulation in corporate, capital market and also insolvency law on the national, the European and the international level. This handbook provides a general examination of conceptual questions of Shareholders´ Agreements and provides an analysis of the regulation of Shareholders´ Agreements in European and international law and of the national law of more than 20 jurisdictions. Readers will get a general understanding of the theoretical and practical problems involved with Shareholders´ Agreements and detailed information on the regulation of Shareholders´ Agreements in several jurisdictions and the applicable law in the case of transnational corporations and cross-border transactions.
Increasing practical importance of Shareholders´ Agreements Growing influence of the European legislator First comparative analysis on the market Country reports and draft proposals predominantly by practitioners

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Sebastian Mock, University of Hamburg; Kristián Csach, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Kosice; Bohumil Havel, PRK Partners, Prague


"Insgesamt steht vollkommen außer Zweifel, dass die vorliegende Beitragssammlung aus wissenschaftlicher und unternehmenspraktischer Perspektive überaus verdienstvoll ist. Wer in der täglichen Arbeit im rechtsvergleichenden Kontext mit Fragen rund um schuldrechtliche Nebenabreden befasst ist, kommt an dem hier besprochenen Werk schlichtweg nicht vorbei. Im Übrigen ist die vergleichende Gesellschaftsrechtswissenschaft um ein Standardwerk zu shareholders' agreements reicher."Jan Lieder in: Die Aktiengesellschaft (AG) 15 (2018), 547-548 "Overall, the International Handbook on Shareholders’ Agreements constitutes a rich legal resource pertaining to shareholder agreements, and readers who wish to acquaint themselves with the fundamental issues of the topic and the legal situation in key jurisdictions will find this volume very useful. The editors are to be commended for putting together a range of thoughtful chapters and country reports that – taken together – serve as an excellent resource for this as yet under-researched but essential topic of corporate organisation. It is to be hoped that the book will also serve as a starting point for a broader debate on the subject: in particular, it is still an open debate as to how shareholder agreements should ideally be regulated."Wolf-Georg Ringe in: RebelsZ 83 (2019), 448-451
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Audience: Judges, Academics, Institutes, Libraries, Attorneys, Legal Departments of Companies