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Fugenelemente diachron
Diachronic Linking Elements: A Corpus Study on the Development and Dissemination of Linked N+N- Compounds

Eine Korpusuntersuchung zu Entstehung und Ausbreitung der verfugenden N+N-Komposita

Drawing on a historical text corpus (1500–1710), this study shows how linked N+N-compounds develop and alter existing word formation patterns. The New High German “love of compounds” is directly attributable to these changes in productivity. Of particular interest is the non-paradigmatic s-compound. A proposed (transient) function of the s-compound results in the classification of the new type within existing models of language change.

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Kristin Kopf, University of Münster, Germany.
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Audience: (Historical) Linguists, Germanists, Morphologists, Corpus Linguists