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Clocks and Clouds

The Architecture of Escher GuneWardena

Edited by: Lilian Pfaff
Architecture Inspired by Art

Escher GuneWardena, founded in Los Angeles in 1996, reached international recognition through a range of projects: commercial spaces treated as conceptual art works; hillside residences representing poetic responses to particular site conditions; work in historic preservation including such icons as the Eames House and John Lautner's Chemosphere in Los Angeles. Their collaborations with artists such as Sharon Lockhart, Mike Kelley and Stephen Prina testify to their presence in the art world. "[Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena] are, in part, scholars, artists, architectural historians, designers and architects" Don Albrecht, Curator of Architecture and Design, Museum of the City of New York.

  • Escher GuneWardena are an outstanding part of Los Angeles’ architectural scene
  • Documentation of 28 selected architectural, art and renovation projects
  • Exhibition on the firm: Art, Design & Architecture Museum, Santa Barbara, 7 July-20 August 2017

Author Information

Lilian Pfaff, art, design and architecture critic

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