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Architectures of Sound

Acoustic Concepts and Parameters for Architectural Design

Designing with an open ear

Architects are used to designing visually. In order to expand their basic design tools, this book explores the interactions between sound, space, hearing, and architecture. To this end, the author uses contemporary and historic buildings and projects, but also fictional, philosophical, and theoretical approaches – the idea is not only to define sound as a source, but also as an instrument of architectural space. By introducing a metatheory of "critical hearing", designers are able to acoustically test their projects and contribute to their design with auditive input, already at the design stage.

  • Introduction to and design aid for acoustic design
  • Suitable for application to individual buildings through to urban design
  • Based on research at the Audio Communication Department of Berlin Technical University

Author Information

Michael Fowler

Alumnus of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation


"[ein] hilfreiches Konzeptbuch [...]"
Alfred Benesch in: Zoll + 33 (2018), 95

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Audience: Architekten, Stadtplaner, Bauphysiker/Akustiker, Studierende der Fachrichtungen