Test Cover Image of:  Raw Flows. Fluid Mattering in Arts and Research

Raw Flows. Fluid Mattering in Arts and Research

Edited by: Roman Kirschner

Fluidity as a phenomenon

The word ‘fluid’ describes a phenomenon as well as a material property. Of special interest is how aspects of fluidity influence the active and direct handling of materials and how its special characteristics are expressed in experimental practices and thinking patterns.

The motivation for focusing on fluidity as a prerequisite for ‘becoming’ and the nature of processes originated from the art-based ‘Liquid Things’ research project. As this subject covers a very wide spectrum, the approach was modified to allow the participation of several disciplines; the book draws on the philosophy of science, hydrodynamics, and the cultural sciences, and focuses on the role of fluidity in cognitive and experience processes with the aim of establishing a grammar of ‘movable’ materials.

  • Fluid phenomena in materials and research processes
  • Art-based material research on the nature of processes and polymorphism.
  • Experts: Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand, Karmen Franinovic and others

Author Information

Roman Kirschner. Studied Philosophy, Art History and Audiovisual Media in Vienna and Cologne; lives and works in Vienna.

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Audience: Artists, cultural scholars, materials scientists, biologists, architects