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Planning Strategies, Methods and Projects for Urban Rivers. Second and Enlarged Edition

Comprehensive handbook of river planning

Urban riverbanks are attractive locations and highly prized recreational environments. However, they must meet the requirements of flood control, open space design and ecology at the same time, often a challenging task for the designer. This book is the product of extensive research that identified some 60 best-practice examples and subjected them to a comparative analysis. The result is a systematic catalog of effective strategies and innovative design tools that provides readers with an inspiring overview of the broad spectrum of design possibilities for river spaces. Each project is illustrated with photographs taken especially for the book and each design strategy and tool is explained by diagrams.
This revised edition introduces ten new case studies chiefly from North America.

  • Interdisciplinary approach for landscape architects, engineers and other planners

  • Sixty international best-practice examples from Europe and North America are analyzed

  • Systematic catalog of design methods and tools

Author Information

Prof. Dr. Martin Prominski, Leibniz University Hannover; Prof. Antje Stokman, HCU Hamburg


"With its clear language and impeccable organization and design, River.Space.Design. serves not only as a great resource for design ideas and examples, but also as a challenge to how we consider rivers in an urban context [...] In the book’s introduction, the author writes, ›What has been lacking up to date is an overview that presents the wide diversity of design possibilities for urban river spaces in a systematic and transferable way. This book aims to fill this gap and serve as a primer and reference for designers of urban spaces.‹ River.Space.Design. is absolutely successful in this regard and will hopefully inspire designers to find ways new ways to engage their community’s rivers."
In: http://dirt.asla.org/2013/01/16/rethinking-our-relationship-with-rivers/

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Edition: 2nd and exp.. ed.
Audience: Urban planners, hydrologists, architects, engineers, biologists, urban planning authorities