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Rethinking Reduction

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Conditions, Mechanisms, and Domains for Phonetic Variation

Edited by: Francesco Cangemi, Meghan Clayards, Oliver Niebuhr, Barbara Schuppler,  and Margaret Zellers

Phonetically reduced forms are plentiful, theoretically interesting, and a key challenge for automatic speech recognition systems. Yet canonical forms are still central to models of production and perception. Drawing from different fields and diverse languages, this volume brings new insights to the debate on abstractions and canonical forms in linguistics: their psychological reality, descriptive adequacy, and technical implementability.

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F. Cangemi, U. Col.; M. Clayards, McGill U., Mo.; O. Niebuhr, Chr. Albr. U. Kiel; B. Schuppler, Graz U. Techn.; M. Zellers, KTH Stockh.
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Audience: Scholars in Phonetics, Phonolgy and Psycholinguistics