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Euripides, "Ion"

Edition and Commentary

Euripides’ Ion is a highly complex and elusive play and thus poses considerable difficulties to any interpreter. On the basis of a new recension of the text, this commentary offers explanations of the language, literary technique, and realia of the play and discusses the main issues of interpretation. In this way the reader is provided with the material required for an appreciation of this entertaining as well as provocative dramatic composition.

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Gunther Martin, University of Zurich, Switzerland.


"This is a most important edition and commentary [...] The Commentary is of exemplary quality [...] It goes without saying that this outstanding Edition and Commentary will find its use at, and not below, the level of graduate seminars: indeed, it will surely become the standard edition for many years to come. As always with De Gruyter, production values are impeccable."Colin Leach in: Classics for All, May, 14, 2018 https://classicsforall.org.uk/book-reviews/euripides-ion-edition-and-commentary/
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Audience: All those interested in ancient Greek literature, esp. Greek drama; ancient history and theatre studies.