Test Cover Image of:  The History of English

Volume 4 Early Modern English

Series: Mouton Reader
Edited by: Alexander Bergs and Laurel J. Brinton

This volume provides a comprehensive account of Early Modern English, organized by linguistic level. The volume not only presents detailed outlines of the traditional language levels, it also explores key questions and debates, such as do-periphrasis, the Great Vowel Shift, pronouns and relativization, literary language (including the language of Shakespeare), and sociolinguistics, including contact and standardization.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the history of English and of major varieties of English
  • Synopsis of current research into key questions and debates in English historical linguistics
  • Individual chapters written by leading authorities in the field
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    Alexander Bergs, Osnabrück, Germany; Laurel Brinton, Vancouver, Canada.
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    Audience: Graduate students and scholars in (English) historical linguistics; specialists in Old, Middle, and Early Modern English