Test Cover Image of:  The History of English

Volume 5 Varieties of English

Series: Mouton Reader
Edited by: Alexander Bergs and Laurel J. Brinton

This volume is one of the first detailed expositions of the history of different varieties of English. It explores language variation and varieties of English from an historical perspective, covering theoretical topics such as diffusion and supraregionalization as well as concrete descriptions of the internal and external historical developments of more than a dozen varieties of English.

  • Comprehensive coverage of the history of English and of major varieties of English
  • Synopsis of current research into key questions and debates in English historical linguistics
  • Individual chapters written by leading authorities in the field
  • Author Information

    Alexander Bergs, Osnabrück, Germany; Laurel Brinton, Vancouver, Canada.


    "Altogether, the reader provides a great overview of the historical dimensions related to a number of varieties of English. Its comprehensiveness and affordability make it a particularly attractive addition to personal and institutional libraries and it will surely find its place on recommended reading lists for courses on varieties of English in general and diachronic variety development more specifically. Individual chapters are also of relevance to courses related to the respective variety under consideration."
    Sofia Rüdiger in: Liguist List 30.1100 (10.01.2019), https://linguistlist.org/issues/30/30-1100.html

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    Audience: Graduate students and scholars in (English) historical linguistics; specialists in Old, Middle, and Early Modern English