Test Cover Image of:  Finite but Unbounded: New Approaches in Philosophical Anthropology

Finite but Unbounded: New Approaches in Philosophical Anthropology

Edited by: Kevin M. Cahill, Martin Gustafsson and Thomas Schwarz Wentzer

World-leading anthropologists and philosophers pursue the perplexing question fundamental to both disciplines: What is it to think of ourselves as human? A common theme is the open-ended and context-dependent nature of our notion of the human, one upshot of which is that perplexities over that notion can only be dealt with in a piecemeal fashion, and in relation to concrete real-life circumstances. Philosophical anthropology, understood as the exploration of such perplexities, will thus be both recognizably philosophical in character and inextricably bound up with anthropological fieldwork. The volume is put together accordingly: Precisely by mixing ostensibly philosophical papers with papers that engage in close anthropological study of concrete issues, it is meant to reflect the vital tie between these two aspects of the overall philosophical-anthropological enterprise. The collection will be of great interest to philosophers and anthropologists alike, and essential reading for anyone interested in the interconnections between the two disciplines.

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Kevin M. Cahill, University of Bergen; Martin Gustafsson, Åbo Akademi University; Thomas Schwarz Wentzer, Aarhus University.

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Audience: Scholars, institutes, libraries (Philosophy, Medical Anthropology, Anthropology).