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Electromagnetic Frontier Theory Exploration

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This book systematically introduces electromagnetic theories and their applications in practice: electrostatic energy, Poynting theorem, the polarization of waves, the conservation law, the electromagnetic symmetry, the conformal mapping method, the electromagnetic loss. The parameters and theorems of electromagnetic theories are discussed in detail, making the book an essential reference for researchers, and engineers in electromagnetics field.
Presents an in-depth overview on frontier theories in electromagnetics Summarizes the ideas, concepts, methods and engineering applications Suitable for both researchers and engineers in electromagnetics field

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Changhong Liang, Xidian University, Xi’an, China


Tabel of Content Chapter 01:Self-action energy in Electrostatic field Chapter 02:Corresponding Research between Time Harmonic Field and Complex Field Chapter 03:Transformation and Unification between Static Electric Field and Constant Current Field Chapter 04:Electrical Charge Multipole and Electric Current Multipole Chapter 05:Polarization and Application of Electromagnetic Wave Chapter 06:Conservation of Charge and Conservation of Current Chapter 07:Electromagnetic reciprocal symmetry and lossless symmetry Chapter 08:Electromagnetic Symmetry and Symmetric Operator Chapter 09:Plane Mirror Method and Active Conformal Mapping Chapter 10:On the theory of Electromagnetic Loss Chapter 11:Complex Parameters and Complex Theorems of Electromagnetic Theory Chapter 12:The complex operatorand Two-dimensional Electrostatic Field Chapter 13:New Network Theory[C] of Electromagnetic Wave in Multilayered Medium Chapter 14:Matrix Transformation in Electromagnetic Theory Chapter 15:Challenges of the minimum directivity of electromagnetic radiation Chapter 16:Mystery of Fermat Principle Chapter 17:Description of Electromagnetic Inertia Chapter 18:Beauty of Electromagnetic Theory Chapter 19:Several Thoughts of Electromagnetic Theory
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Audience: Researchers, engineers and developers in electromagnetics field.