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Selenium and Tellurium Reagents

In Chemistry and Materials Science

Edited by: Risto Laitinen and Raija Oilunkaniemi
Selenium and Tellurium Reagents provides an in-depth overview of recent advances on the chemistry of these elements. Written by internationally recognized experts, it gives insight into the synthesis, structure, analysis and mechanistic studies of these compounds. The book is organized into four parts which reflect the applications of Se and Te reagents in four areas: inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, materials science and biochemistry.
Highlights recent developments in Se and Te chemistry. Provides a multidisciplinary approach to the field. Comprises contributions from leading scientists. Contains numerous examples of practical applications of Se and Te reagents.

Author Information

Prof. Risto Laitinen, Dr. Raija Oilunkaniemi, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland.
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Audience: Organic Chemists, Inorganic Chemists, Analytical Chemists, Biochemists, Materials Scientists.