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Electron Magnetic Resonance Principles

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The book presents principles of electron magnetic resonance from a chemist’s point-of-view, covering g-tensor theory, isotropical hyperfine structure, anisotropical hyperfine structure and fine structure of spectrum, and relaxation theory. Detailed explanations on quantitative determination of paramagnetic species are given to address readers' difficulties. Written as a physical chemistry graduate textbook, it is also suitable for industry users.

  • Provides theoretical frameworks for electron magnetic resonance.
  • Elaborates quantitative determination of spectrum and paramagnetic species in gas phase and inorganic radical specialty.
  • Includes abundant references for further learning.
  • Author Information

    Yuanzhi Xu, Jia Yao, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

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    Audience: Graduate students and lecturers in (physical) chemistry, engineers and technicians.