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Dynamis of the Image

Moving Images in a Global World

Edited by: Emmanuel Alloa and Chiara Cappelletto

Images are not neutral conveyors of messages shipped around the globe to achieve globalized spectatorship. They are powerful forces that elicit very diverse responses and can resist new visual hegemonies of our global world. Bringing together case studies from the field of media, art, politics, religion, anthropology and science, this volume breaks new ground by reflecting on the very power of images beyond their medial exploitation.

The contributions by Hans Belting, Susan Buck-Morss, Georges Didi-Huberman, W.J.T. Mitchell, and Ticio Escobar among others testify that globalization does not necessarily equal homogenization, and that images can open up alternative ways of picturing what is to come.

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Chiara Cappelletto, University Milano; Emmanuel Alloa, University Fribourg.
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Audience: Academics (art history, visual history, culture history, philosophy)