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Ikonische Formprozesse
Iconic Form Processes: On the Philosophy of the Implicit in Images

Zur Philosophie des Unbestimmten in Bildern

Edited by: Marion Lauschke, Johanna Schiffler and Franz Engel
The term iconic form processes refers to phenomena that produce transitions between natural and symbolic forms. For example, the fire-scarred surface of a bronze artwork produces effects transcending the realm of artistic intention. When a work is created and perceived, the genesis of the image also invariably involves a “recession into the implicit” (John Dewey). This volume furnishes the foundations for a theory of iconic form processes.
  • Bausteine für eine Theorie ikonischer Formprozesse

  • Mit Beiträgen von ExpertInnen aus Kunst- und Bildwissenschaft, Philosophie und Wahrnehmungspsychologie

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Marion Lauschke and Franz Engel, Humboldt University, Berlin; Johanna Schiffler, Freie Universität, Berlin.
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Audience: Academics (art history, visual studies, philosophy, psychology)