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Syntactic Structures after 60 Years

The Impact of the Chomskyan Revolution in Linguistics

Edited by: Norbert Hornstein, Howard Lasnik, Pritty Patel-Grosz and Charles Yang
This volume explores the continuing relevance of Syntactic Structures to contemporary research in generative syntax. The contributions examine the ideas that changed the way that syntax is studied and that still have a lasting effect on contemporary work in generative syntax. Topics include formal foundations, the syntax-semantics interface, the autonomy of syntax, methods of data analysis, and detailed discussions of the role of transformations. New commentary from Noam Chomsky is included.

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N. Hornstein, H. Lasnik, University of Maryland; P. Patel-Grosz, University of Oslo; C. Yang, University of Pennsylvania
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Audience: Libraries, Researchers and Advanced Students of Linguistics and Generative Syntax