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Aristobulos in Alexandria
Aristobulos in Alexandria: Jewish Exegesis between Greeks and Egyptians under Ptolemaios VI Philometor

Jüdische Bibelexegese zwischen Griechen und Ägyptern unter Ptolemaios VI. Philometor

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During the reign of Ptolemaios VI Philometor (180–145 BCE), the Jewish author Aristobulos wrote an extensive text that he addressed to the ruler personally, which dealt with the correct interpretation of the Pentateuch. The few preserved fragments still offer multifaceted insights on the early phase of Jewish exegesis – 200 years before Philo, in the conflicted world of the Alexandrine Greeks and Egyptians.


"This is an important contribution to the study of Hellenistic Judaism and to the history of biblical interpretation."
John J. Collins in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2019.05.08

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Audience: Klassische Philologen, Althistoriker, Judaisten, Theologen, Philosophen, Kulturwissenschaftler.