Test Cover Image of:  Wissenstransfer und Popularkultur in der Frühaufklärung

Wissenstransfer und Popularkultur in der Frühaufklärung
Knowledge Transfer and Popular Culture During the Early Enlightenment: The Life and Work of the Physician–Writer Christoph von Hellwig (1663–1721)

Leben und Werk des Arztschriftstellers Christoph von Hellwig (1663–1721)

The physician Christoph von Hellwig (1663–1721) tried to present academic knowledge to the general public in his difficult-to-read specialized literary work. The study describes Hellwig’s strategies for disseminating knowledge, classifies him as a medical eclectic, deduces specialized forms of early modern technical texts, and discusses editorial issues. The work is made more accessible with an annotated bibliography.

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Audience: Historiker, Wissenschafts- und Medizingeschichtler, Bibliotheken