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Edited by: Kai Brodersen

Polyaenus supported the Roman emperors with a work on Strategika, on strategical tricks. He presents examples from Greek and Roman history from men and women to show the impact of persuasion and surprise, of currying favours and creating anxieties, and not least of deception an trickery to achieve one's aims. The book allows a unique insight into ancient strategical thinking and enables us to transfer its advice for managers of armies to managing businesses – and life.


"The new Polyainos fills an important gap in classical studies by providing a reliable and affordable edition of an author whose 833 anecdotes offer many hours of enjoyable reading in episodes both celebrated and more obscure."
Lee Fratantuono in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2018.02.45

"Mit der hier gelieferten Grundlage ist jedenfalls gesichert, dass dieser interessante Militärschriftsteller breiter wahrgenommen werden kann, als dies bislang der Fall war."
Sven Günther in: Historische Zeitschrift 308 (2019), 462-464

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Audience: All readers interested in ancient history and Greek literature