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Innovation in the Building Industry

Innovation in der Bauwirtschaft Innovation in the Building Industry

Wesersandstein vom 16. bis 19. Jahrhundert Weser Sandstone from the 16th to the 19th Century Architektur und Digital Humanities Architecture and Digital Humanities

Edited by: Eva-Maria Seng and Frank Göttmann

The digital humanities intensify the cooperation between the science disciplines in terms of working tools, working methods, and working organization, and in terms of formulating research strategies and scientific objectives. The design for researching the networking of disciplines, approaches, and objects is reflected in the terms "Document - Object - Genesis".

This volume discusses the possibilities and limits in a wider factual and theoretical context using the example of the joint venture project entitled "Weser sandstone as global cultural asset - Innovation in the construction industry and its worldwide spread in the pre-industrial era (16th to 19th century)", in which art and architectural history, economic history, information technology, and architecture are discussed.

  • eHumanities, digital humanities - discussed using the example of a joint venture project

  • Contributions from the fields of art, architecture, and economic history, as well as that of information technology

Author Information

Eva-Maria Seng and Frank Göttmann, Paderborn University, Germany

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Audience: Kunsthistoriker, Architekturhistoriker, Wirtschaftshistoriker, Digital Humanities