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Creating German Images of China: The Image of China in the German-Speaking World from the Perspectives of Cultural, Media, and Linguistic Science (2000–2013)

Das Bild Chinas im deutschsprachigen Raum aus kultur-, medien- und sprachwissenschaftlicher Perspektive (2000-2013)

Edited by: Friedemann Vogel and Wenjian Jia

This volume examines ethnic stereotypes of China and the Chinese people in German public media. It focuses on the formative cultural, linguistic, and media conditions for generating stereotypical views, their manifestations in the new millennium, and methods for studying them. The book surveys current research and formulates suggestions to improve German-Chinese intercultural communication.

Author Information

Friedemann Vogel, University of Freiburg (i. Br.), Germany; Wenjian Jia (贾文键), Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, China.

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Audience: Sprachwissenschaft, Sinologie, Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Medien-/Kulturwissenschaft, Sozio-/Ethnologie, Politik