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Maxwell’s Equations

Analysis and Numerics

Edited by: Ulrich Langer, Dirk Pauly,  and Sergey Repin

This volume collects longer articles on the analysis and numerics of Maxwell’s equations. The topics include functional analytic and Hilbert space methods, compact embeddings, solution theories and asymptotics, electromagnetostatics, time-harmonic Maxwell’s equations, time-dependent Maxwell’s equations, eddy current approximations, scattering and radiation problems, inverse problems, finite element methods, boundary element methods, and isogeometric analysis.

  • A collection of original survey articles on Maxwell's equations
  • Both analytical as well as computational approaches are presented
  • Of interest to applied mathematicians, but also to physicists and engineers working in electromagnetism

Author Information

Dirk Pauly, U. of Duisburg-Essen, Germany; Sergey Repin, Steklov Institute, Russia; Ulrich Langer, Johannes Kepler U. & RICAM, Austria.
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Audience: Researchers and graduate students in applied and computational mathematics, physics, and engineering.