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Jewish Radicalisms

Historical Perspectives on a Phenomenon of Global Modernity

Edited by: Frank Jacob and Sebastian Kunze

Jewish radical thoughts and actions can be described in a variety of terms and dimensions. Often, there is a connection implied between left-wing ideas and activists as well as their radicalism. This volume surveys Jewish radicalisms and present different approaches on this global historical phenomenon which are conceptualised as three different phenomena: Cultural, political and religious radicalism. The volume is focussed on the 20th century and tries to grasp the manifold Ideas of Jewish radicalism and, thereby, wants to open up the discussion on this category. This discussion is needed not only within Jewish Studies to engage with this topic and broaden our understanding of Jewish Radicalism as well as to form a useful applicable category. This volume is to be understood as a call for and a contribution to this debate.

Contributions by Peter Bergamin, Federico Dal Bo, Tal Elmaliach, Ofira Gruweis-Kovalsky, Hayim Katsmann, Anne Klein, Peter Scott Lederer, Amir Locker-Biletzki, Hannah Peaceman, Elliot Ratzman, Jan Rybak, Morgan Shipley, Roman Vater i.a.

Author Information

Frank Jacob, City University New York, USA; Sebastian Kunze, Universität Erfurt.

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Audience: Historians, political scientists, and scholars from the field of religious studies with a focus on Jewish Studies.